Monday, September 12, 2011

What makes you a special writer?

Had some really concrete things to delve into this past week of school, but before I go into all this REALLY IMPORTANT THINGS THAT A WRITER (OR EVERYONE IN THE WORLD) NEEDS TO KNOW, let me give you a little dish of THE most influential facilitator that anyone could ever have.

His name is Mr. Lefstad and this guy is 100% AWESOME! He has taught me so much so that it has gotten me to this point of being a blogger to help other people young and old to write amazing books of their own. Going through his Physical Science class as a freshmen opened so many things personally, how to learn science with MY own monkey, and about life that I wouldn't feel so confident everyday to live and have a future to make something of myself...Now I've got another chance to be in his class again as a junior and the things he would say in such a stimulating's just mind-blowing all the things that make sense now...NOW I have to share with you, which is important to not only writers but just the general person off the street, will get you places if you take on your monkey and learn what will be said here. Who are you?What do you stand for? What makes you different?As a person who wants to make it out there or someone who just think about this question and says admittedly to themselves, "I don't know who I am...," you NEED to know WHO YOU ARE! You need to get off your butt and discover who you are because that side of yourself isn't going to come knock on your door and hold your hand. YOU have to do the work to truly figure out who you are because it is WAY more important than anything you could know in the working world and in life. What do you stand for? As a writer do you stand for writing because you love it? (pathetic answer by the way) NO! When your in a job interview (for a publishing house for example) they will ask, "What makes you different?" What are you going to say? How about, (in my case) "I can sell books that will blow teens' minds because I know what they're looking for and what catches their interests." Again, what do you stand for?What makes you different from the other writers out there who want to publish a book just as much as they do? To write an awesome book about vampires and werewolves but doesn't get published and can't understand why. "If two people think alike, one gets fired." -Mr.Lefstad. THIS IS THE SAME CONCEPT!!! What makes Stephanie Meyer, Rick Riordan, Richelle Mead, Scott Westerfeld, etc, different from any awesome writers out there? Meyer created a touching, dedicating, and something DIFFERENT than what publishing houses have seen before. Riordan did something DIFFERENT by creating amazing stories off of his imagination and mixing it with Greek,Roman, Egyptian mythology. Mead may have vampires but she created a system of vampire lore from Russian mythology and created a book series storyline that has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE. Westerfeld did something different by thinking about what he wanted to change among his young audience and created an amazing series of what beauty really is and the term "ugly". Who are you?What do you stand for?What makes you a special writer?