Sunday, March 6, 2011

My first blog post :)

Hey writers alike, THIS IS MY FIRST BLOG POST EVER!!!!!!!!Just thought to share with you my life so far in my writing career (the. career of school all the way up to current sophomore in high school). When I was in kindergarden, I had this dream of writing a book sooooo good that it would become an awesom movie. After that dream, I would get little journals and write books in them. Here's a list of silly books I have written (theres too many so of course Im not mentioning all of them) :- a journal of short stories of me, my two best friends- "Us Swimming" a story of me and my sister as shapeshifters into mermaids- "The Butterfly Girls"- "The Butterfly Girls 2" these two books were about metiphorically my parents getting back together after getting divorced ( I was only in 2nd grade) - "Ethia, the queen warrior"- "The princess soccer player" These were books I wrote between the ages 5-9Im one of the best in my class currently. Because of my passion for writting, I have been the best writter in elementary school. Of course Ive had my ups and downs in school but I have never stopped writting. Currently, Im becoming more serious with my writting. Ive been quitting on books Ive written since 5th grade because my books have been missing something crucial. Only recently ( like this weekend) did I finally realize what that was. Ill tell you what that is in my next post! ;) -

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