Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Character Development with J. K. Rowling

Wondering about inspiration for your writing or how to create some character development for your books? This blog post is just for you!

I just involved myself with a Harry Potter marathon and couldn't help noticing how well Prisoner of Azkaban was well done in every aspect to the viewer.

As a writer we can learn a lot from movies such as this series. Screen writing and script writers are a huge spot in movie making where they are vitally important to how well movies turn out.

In Prisoner of Azkaban of the Harry Potter series you can see how well the transitions and flow of the movie is truly well done.

When you write you can be really inspired to write your own transitions by watching this movie's.

Finding inspiration is truly remarkable and something writers on instinct search for constantly.

I recommend rewatching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban again for your own gain here. Look for inspiration- anything that might seem remarkable to you.

Go for it!

Better yet, have your own Harry Potter marathon! And NO I am NOT JOKING!

Inspiration fires up us all! And to have fun with it...Harry Potter is literally the greatest excuse! The series is over and what better time than now?! None!

For character development, the story is truly memorable for readers. It's vitally important in other words!

I'm sure you know this but to really help you improve your character development skills is to STUDY it.

In the Harry Potter series you really get to see our favorite characters grow up, make mistakes, go through some truly tuff stuff.

This is character development.

I usually wouldn't recommend writing a huge series where you watch some kids grow up, have the story drone on through many years... But Harry Potter is different.

To use this style you have to have a purpose, and give the readers something good to read. (not making us bored too much)

But as Harry got older, people were changing all around him, even himself. Things were naturally being put in motion and so it required many years, especially when the real-in person-battle was to come when Harry was ready, older, more mature, wiser...

J. K. Rowling did a fabulous job with her remarkable skills with character development, recognized all over the world with admirability.

What made this style work, again, was her use of magic trailed into a story of a world unknown to the common human. She created a non mundane subject in our reality that was NEW. Humans crave NEW and UNKNOWN.

To unravel a language "dead" to us now and use it to her advantage on the world...was BRILLIANT.

Again, Latin was used where we became fascinated with it's subject, opening a large base for others to come.

If you find inspiration in any way shape or form in the world, Harry Potter is one that can really help, and you can really enjoy yourself doing this "study."

The best part is: it won't even feel like studying!

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